2017 Dingo Vacation to the Laramie Range, Wyoming & Beyond Adventure Index

The summer of 2017 was Lupe’s most adventuresome yet!  It all got off to a fantastic start in June with a 12 day Dingo Vacation to the Laramie Mountains in Wyoming and beyond.  The American Dingo enjoyed success climbing a variety of peaks ranging from easy to challenging.

Lupe reached the highest points of several smaller mountain ranges she’d never been to before including the Shirley Mountains, Green Mountains and Charlie Brown Range.  She stood on the highest peaks of Sweetwater and Natrona counties.  She reached the tops of beautiful and seldom visited mountains in the Laramie Range, and one historic landmark from pioneer days.

Her vacation wasn’t all one big, easy cakewalk, though.  The Carolina Dog suffered peakbagging failures at Eagle Peak and South Sawtooth Mountain.  She had to face dangers and hardships including high winds, threatening storms, cacti and rattlesnakes.  Disappointment reigned when she couldn’t find any of the fabled jack squirrels.

Mostly, though, it was 12 days of non-stop Dingo fun and adventure!  Cows, horses, antelopes and squirrels to bark at.  Long days spent sniffing, exploring and climbing.  Beautiful sunsets, wildflowers, clear-running creeks and streams, and glorious mountains.  Even the occasional refreshing snow bank to play on.

Choose from the index below for mountains of fun with Lupe in wild, wonderful Wyoming!

2017 Laramie Mountains & Beyond Adventure Index

Black Mountain, Laramie Range, Wyoming (6-8-17)

Eagle Peak, Laramie Range, Wyoming (6-9-17)

South Sawtooth Mountain, Laramie Range, Wyoming (6-10-17)

Muddy Mountain, Laramie Range, Wyoming (6-11-17)

Squaw Mountain, Laramie Range, Wyoming (6-12-17)

Buffalo Peak & Twin Peaks in the Laramie Mountains of Wyoming (6-12-17 & 6-13-17)

The Shirley Mountains High Point & Quealey Benchmark, Wyoming (6-14-17)

Pine Mountain, the Sweetwater County High Point, Wyoming (6-15-17)

Whiskey Peak, Wyoming (6-16-17)

Ferris Mountain, Charlie Brown Range, Wyoming (6-17-17)

Independence Rock & Mine Benchmark, the Natrona County High Point, Wyoming (6-18-17)

Jack Squirrel Peak, Laramie Range, Wyoming (6-19-17)

Laramie Peak from Black Mountain, 6-8-17

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