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Hi!  I am Lupe, an American Dingo (Carolina Dog), enthusiastic explorer and adventurer.

I have the good fortune to live near a 1.2+ million acre dog park in western South Dakota known as the Black Hills National Forest.  Most weekends I go on a day long expedition into the mountains accompanied by my Slow Plodding Human Porter (SPHP), who carries the water and Taste of the Wild dingo food.  The use of a plodding human porter does slow things down a lot, but frees me to sniff, bark, explore and enjoy the trip at a leisurely pace.

This blog is about my life and adventures as told (and occasionally embellished) by SPHP.  You will find trip reports on my Black Hills expeditions to remote parts of the national forest, stories about my antics, plus tales and photos from the Dingo Vacations I go on with SPHP to the world beyond the Black Hills.

If you like dogs and adventure, are curious about what’s over the next ridge, or just enjoy the solitude, freedom and grandeur of the natural world, I invite you to follow along with me. The (Mostly) True Adventures of Lupe will take you to some spectacular famous places, but mostly to remote locations seldom seen by others.

I’m excited you are here! Are you ready to go adventuring? Let’s get started! I can hardly wait!

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I keep track of the mountains I climb on Peakbagger.com.  Peakbagger.com has a huge database on mountains, and you can see all kinds of geographical information about where I’ve been. The topographic maps on Peakbagger.com will help readers follow my adventures.

Links on The (Mostly) True Adventures of Lupe are either blue or red. Blue links open up a new tab to a separate website (often Peakbagger.com). Red links open up another page or post on The (Mostly) True Adventures of Lupe.

Example:  To see maps, elevation, and statistics about Harney Peak, the highest mountain in South Dakota, click on the blue link.  To see a post on one of my adventures to Harney Peak, click on the red link.

Thank you for visiting The (Mostly) True Adventures of Lupe! Enjoy your stay and return again soon.  Woof!

                                                                            – Adventurously Yours, Lupe

Lupe near Wilcox Pass with Mt. Athabasca in view, Alberta, Canada. 7-29-14

3 thoughts on “About & Adventure Indexes”

  1. SPHP:

    I’ve been meaning to leave a comment now for a long time. I live outside of Sturgis, and my dog Rizzo and I have long enjoyed the exact same kinds of Saturday adventures as you and Lupe do–particularly those all-day Black Hills back country hikes with no one else around for miles. We first saw you on Peakbagger and were delighted to discovered your own site later. We use your entries frequently for inspiration on where to go next and agree with you 100% that, even after many hundreds of Black Hills hikes, there is still more than plenty to discover. Thank you for sharing your passion with others; I assure you it’s very much appreciated and put to good use.

    1. Sturgis?! Sounds like potential for a joint Black Hills adventure some day when the weather cools off later this fall. Would Rizzo have any interest?

      1. Great idea! I asked him, and he seems pretty gung ho about it. He always kind of wondered whether he and Lupe might cross paths at some point, seeing as how the two seem to spend most Saturdays in the same kinds of places. Shoot me an email, and we’ll see whether they might be able to coordinate schedules!

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