Dingo Tales Index

Not all of Lupe’s exploits and fun times fit neatly into a Black Hills Expedition or Dingo Vacation adventure category.  There are amusing habits the young Carolina Dog displayed while growing up, miscellaneous events and things that happen around home, and tall tales related by SPHP about the feisty American Dingo only partially (at best?) rooted in reality.  These kind of stories fall into Lupe’s Dingo Tales category.

Dingo Tales Index

How to Choose the Perfect Puppy

My Perfect Puppy – The Arrival of Lupe

Guilty As Charged!

Klahowya Campground, the Sol Duc River & the Battle With Big Paw – Olympic Peninsula, Washington (8-21-12)

Lupe is Back In Action, Thanks to Emergency Veterinarian Dr. Erin Brown!

Lupe’s 5th Birthday! (12-14-15)

Lupe’s 6th Birthday! (12-14-16)

Little Lupe
Little Lupe

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