2016 Dingo Vacation to the Laramie Mountains, Wyoming Adventure Index

In late May, 2016, Lupe went with SPHP to help Sandy & Karen clean out a home in Laramie, Wyoming for a sick relative.  For 5 days there was work from dawn to dusk.  Laborers, cleaners, and plumbers came and went.  The Goodwill truck made 4 trips.IMG_1032

Lupe was perplexed and bewildered by all the activity.  She tried hard to make friends, but her new friends disappeared as quickly as they had arrived.  At least there were lots of squirrels and rabbits in the neighborhood to provide a little entertainment!

Finally, it was over.  The house was all cleaned out.  Events took a dramatic turn for the better!  Lupe and SPHP spent the next 4 days exploring and peakbagging in the Laramie Mountains of Wyoming.  Now that’s more like it!

2016 Laramie Mountains of Wyoming Adventure Index

The Summit & the Headquarters National Recreation Trail to the Leg Benchmark & Pole Mountain (5-29-16)

Peak 8840 & Eagle Rock (5-29-16)

Pitcher Hill, Bisbee Hill, Markley Hill & Poland Hill, (5-30-16)

Point Crawford & Bennett Hill (5-30-16)

Warbonnet Peak, the Converse County, Wyoming High Point (5-31-16)

Twin Peaks (6-1-16)

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Looking SSW from Bisbee Hill. Pole Mountain (9,040 ft.) (Center R) and Leg Benchmark (9,055 ft.) (Far R) where Lupe had been just the day before are in view. Happy Jack Hwy No. 210 is seen below on the R, too.
Lupe on Bisbee Hill.
Lupe high on the upper W slope of Warbonnet Peak. The summit was now only a few minute's short rocky climb away! Photo looks ENE.
Climbing Warbonnet Peak.

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