2016 Dingo Vacation to the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming Adventure Index

When SPHP was planning Lupe’s big Summer of 2016 Dingo Vacation to the Canadian Rockies, Yukon & Alaska, there was one peak SPHP wanted Lupe to get a chance to climb this summer that didn’t really fit in – Cloud Peak (13,167 ft.), the highest mountain in the Bighorn Range of north central Wyoming.

Fortunately, the Bighorns aren’t that far away from Lupe’s home in the Black Hills of South Dakota!  From July 18th thru July 21st, Lupe wound up taking a preliminary 4 day mini-Dingo Vacation to the Bighorns, just so she could get her ascent of Cloud Peak done before leaving on her big Summer of 2016 Dingo Vacation on July 30th.

Lupe not only succeeded in reaching the top of Cloud Peak, by far the highest mountain she climbed in 2016, but she also had time on her first day in the Bighorns to visit the 3 possible Washakie County High Points and Hazelton Pyramid, too!

2016 Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming Adventure Index

The Washakie County High Point (7-18-16)

Hazelton Pyramid (7-18-16)

Cloud Peak (7-19-16) Part 1: The Mistymoon Trail to Base Camp

Cloud Peak (7-20-16) Part 2: Paint Rock Creek Falls Base Camp to the Summit

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Lupe reaches the saddle SW of High Point 10201. Hazelton Pyramid is seen beyond her. Lupe would eventually follow the high ground on the L as it sweeps around toward the summit. Photo looks ESE.
Climbing Hazelton Pyramid 7-18-16
Lupe at Lake Helen.
Lupe at Lake Helen.
Lupe at the edge of the chasm. "The Bridge" is in view on the skyline directly above Lupe. Photo looks NNE.
Lupe on her way up Cloud Peak 7-20-16.

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