2016 Dingo Vacation to the Canadian Rockies, Yukon & Alaska Adventure Index

Lupe is an American Dingo who knows how to beat the heat!  No sweltering dog days of August for her!  Gone from home during the summer of 2016 for a record 41 consecutive days and 40 nights, Lupe stayed cool by heading NW clear up into the Yukon and Alaska.  Along the way, she saw some of the most spectacular mountains, lakes, rivers and glaciers in North America.

Highlights included climbing the most challenging and remote mountain peaks Lupe has ever attempted, seeing Denali, the highest mountain in North America, and glimpsing Mt. Logan, the highest mountain in Canada.

Lupe went on adventures near the Salmon, Worthington, and Matanuska glaciers.  She crossed the mighty Yukon River and the Arctic Circle.  She explored parts of Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park, and took a water taxi from Homer across Kachemak Bay of the North Pacific Ocean to Grace Ridge.  She played along the shore of Cook Inlet, and saw the Redoubt and Iliamna volcanoes.

No doubt about it, Lupe’s Summer of 2016 Dingo Vacation to the Canadian Rockies, Yukon & Alaska was her biggest and most fabulous yet!

2016 Canadian Rockies, Yukon & Alaska Adventure Index

Porphyry Peak (7-30-16) & King’s Hill (7-31-16), Montana

Mount Bourgeau, Banff National Park, Canada (8-1-16)

Fairview Mountain & Saddle Mountain, Banff National Park, Canada (8-2-16)

The Athabasca Glacier & Wilcox Pass, Jasper National Park, Canada (8-3-16)

Sunwapta Falls, Athabasca Falls, Overlander Falls & Rearguard Falls in the Canadian Rockies (8-3-16 & 8-4-16)

The Salmon Glacier near Hyder, Alaska (8-5-16)

Kings Throne, Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory, Canada (8-7-16)

Kluane Lake & Shepherd’s Knoll in the Slims River Valley, Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory, Canada (8-8-16)

Decoeli, Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory, Canada (8-9-16)

The Worthington Glacier, Alaska (8-11-16)

Dingo of the Midnight Sun – Crossing the Yukon River, Finger Mountain & the Arctic Circle (8-13-16)

Sukakpak Mountain, Brooks Range, Alaska (8-13-16)

Lupe’s Last Mile North, Alaska (8-14-16)

Dillon Mountain, Brooks Range, Alaska (8-15-16)

K’esugi Ridge: Indian Benchmark & K’esugi Mountain, Denali State Park, Alaska (8-18-16)

K’esugi Ridge: Whimbrel Hill & the Golog Benchmark, Denali State Park, Alaska (8-19-16)

Skyscraper Mountain, Talkeetna Range, Alaska (8-22-16)

Gunsight Mountain, Talkeetna Range, Alaska (8-23-16)

Lion Head & the Matanuska Glacier, Chugach Range, Alaska (8-24-16)

Beluga Point, Portage Lake, the Byron Glacier & Cook Inlet of the North Pacific Ocean, Alaska (8-25-16)

Sailing the North Pacific Ocean to Grace Ridge, Kachemak Bay State Park, Alaska (8-26-16)

Lupe’s Last Mile West, Anchor Point, Alaska (8-27-16)

On the Skyline Trail to the Mystery Hills, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska (8-27-16)

Tonsina Point on Resurrection Bay, Caines Head State Recreation Area, Alaska (8-28-16)

Portage Pass & the Portage Glacier, Chugach National Forest, Alaska (8-28-16)

The Wedge & The Ramp, Chugach State Park, Alaska (8-29-16)

Flattop Mountain, Blueberry Knoll & Thunder Bird Falls, Chugach State Park, Alaska (8-30-16)

Pepper Peak, Chugach State Park, Alaska (8-31-16)

Lazy Mountain, Chugach Range, Alaska (9-1-16)

Leaving Alaska & Lupe’s Return to Yukon Territory, Canada (9-1-16 & 9-2-16)

Leaving the Yukon & Northern British Columbia, Canada (9-3-16 & 9-4-16)

Teapot Mountain, British Columbia, Canada (9-5-16)

Parker Ridge & the Saskatchewan Glacier, Banff National Park, Canada (9-6-16)

King’s Hill, Montana & Bald Mountain, Wyoming (9-7-16 & 9-8-16)

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Lupe on King's Throne Peak summit, Kluane NP, Yukon, Canada 8-7-16